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Post #2 to nobody! cause as of right now I have no friends, which makes this VERY diary-ish and I haven't written in a diary in forever. So... about me?

    I am short, teased constantly about it, and quite capable of defending myself against those worthy of defending myself against.  I spend most of my summer at work or with friends.  Between me and me, I am sick of all my friends being emo.  It is wearying, especially as I am not emo, cause I have friends (it takes so little to make me happy).  But now I am not as happy because I can't deal with ALL emo friends. And my one non-emo friend moved away and is too busy for the most part to really have fun with or happy-chat with.  I am too stubborn for my own good, rarely admit to pain or discomfort, and have more layers than your average onion.   I am not particularly talented at anything, except i can play flute, and am pretty good at reading people once I get to know them.  My flaws, apart from the stubbornness, would probably be my complete mistrust of the world.  Except for the thing is, I trust really easily. Go figure. But enough seriousness. I am a generally happy person, and can make emo people laugh ocassionally, which I consider a triumph of life.  I am extremely nerdy about music.  Laughing is my favorite passtime, and if people won't make me laugh, i can always find something to do so.  most find me a really happy person. I rarely turn down friendships, tend to be there for people no matter if they are there for me or not.  I am a totally selfish person but because I recognize that, I fight it and attempt to seem selfless. There, livejournal. Is that enough honesty for you?

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First post! i have my own virginity~ huh!

So this is new, and much more incredibly fun than I would have thought! just checking if this thing works, then I need to go 'splore some more

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